Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waking Up in Seoul

Our departure out of Tokyo was a late one so it was well after sunset when we landed at Incheon Airport. The taxi ride into Seoul, at night, was a somewhat surreal experience. Nothing was familiar and I was disoriented to say the least. Once in the city, there were numerous successions of right and left turns through brightly lite crowded streets and dark quiet ones. It all left my head spinning and me wondering if the driver was taking us for a ride. We finally arrived at our place on a narrow quiet street where a not so friendly host ushered us through an old courtyard to a small room barely twice the size of a small tool shed. That was our place for the next four nights. What have we gotten ourselves into? I'm again uncomfortable with the uncomfortable. Nothing more to do then but sleep. Hopefully things will look better in daylight. Use the link below to go to my pictures in Picasa as we explore Seoul.
Link to Photo Album Waking Up in Seoul

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