Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wide Angle and Panoramics

Here's some wide-angle and panoramic views of Tokyo and South Korea. Now that I'm home, after traveling 30 plus hours, I have some time to stitch some photographs together to create these pictures. I do want to mention that South Korea can be a bargain when eating out if you are willing to try the smaller eateries off main streets or to eat at the open markets. Your meals can easily be under $10 for two if you look for it. Use the link below to see all the wide-angle and panoramic pictures in Picasa.
Link to Photo Album Wide Angle and Panoramics: Tokyo and South Korea

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Last Hurrah in Seoul

If you ever travel to Seoul, you need to wander the streets so you can see, hear, feel and smell it. The old buildings, congested narrow streets and crowded markets are a delightful contrast from contemporary Seoul with its sleek architectural structures of cement, metal, and glass. Go underground and you will find shops and shoppers, and more than enough variety of eateries to fulfill your hunger. Kay and I spent our final day exploring an area south of the Hangang River, then return to the Insadong area, where we began our trip, for a final evening walk back to our apartment. Fall has definitely arrived with changing colors in the trees and a cold north wind. Daytime temperature were predicted in the low 50's but it felt colder due to the wind. Use the link below to go to my pictures in Picasa. I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we enjoyed this trip. Seoul will definitely linger within my senses for a while.
Link to Photo Album Our Last Hurrah in Seoul