Friday, October 12, 2012

Bikeless in Tokyo

Kay and I are in Tokyo and we've been on the go since landing here just over 4 days ago after nearly 24 hours of travel time. And no, I did not bring a bike. We're slowly getting accustomed to the Japanese way and more comfortable with our uncomfortableness since this country is foreign to us. The Japanese have been very patient with our sign language and gestures so we are managing well enough. The few words I learned from Jay during our 2008 bike trip in Northern Japan, have been helpful in getting us started. I just have to remember that they drive and walk on the left like the Brits and not to be surprised when ever I encounter a cleaning lady in the men's restroom. As for eating, it's helpful to look for places with pictures on their menu. Kay is adapting very well, although she's already tired of noodles. We've seen more than a few of Tokyo's top sights so it's time to slow down and relax a little more. Click on the picture below to go to my photos in Picasa.

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