Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Seoul Man

Call me the "Seoul Man" because it feels so good to be back in Seoul after three days on Jeju Island. The busy streets of Seoul are energizing and alive with lights, noise, traffic, people, storefronts and open markets. At times, it seems that all of Seoul is out and about on the streets. Catch a vendors eyes and they'll solicit you to buy their goods. Just about anything you need can be found at the marketplace. Keep an eye out for motorbikes though, because riders use them to maneuver through the slow moving traffic so they can be seen riding the wrong way in traffic or often using the sidewalks with the hordes of pedestrians. The street activity envelopes people and compels me to often wander late into the evening. Our new apartment in Seoul is on 11th floor overlooking a busy intersection. It offers great views of the cityscape, but traffic noise is a constant background sound that never sleeps. Use the link below to go to the photo album in Picasa.
Link to Photo Album Seoul Man

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