Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Atlantic Coast Bike Tour

During Spring 2015, a group of friends and I cycled the entire east coast from Key West, Florida to Bar Harbor, Maine, approximately 2,500 miles in total, following the Atlantic Coast route created by the Adventure Cycling Association. This was a self contained fully loaded bike tour which meant I was carrying around 45 lbs. or so. My experience during the east coast tour was wonderful and below are a few favorite pictures. Here's a link to my daily blog which tracks our progress from start to end: Atlantic Coast Bike Tour.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

San Diego 2015

After skipping a year, we were back in San Diego during January 2015 for a month. We stayed at our usual place, an older 4th floor one bedroom condominium overlooking the ocean and the infamous Pacific Beach boardwalk, a great place to enjoy sunsets and to people watch all day long. We love San Diego. What is there not to like: a great region for an active life style, fine eateries especially ethnic, and beautiful scenery. Below are a few pictures. To see the full set in Picasa, click on the link at the bottom right of this post.

From San Diego 2015