Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sayonara Tokyo

It has been great here in Tokyo and we feel very comfortable out and about even though language is a barrier toward getting to know any of the locals. Today is our last full day so we'll check out another place or so, perhaps the Shinjuku area, but focus on getting things ready for departure. Here's some facts about Tokyo according to me.

     Live music is often sung in English even though many do not speak English
     Tokyo is very clean including their subways and public toilets
     Finding public toilets is not an issue and there's no charge
     Don't be surprised to see a cleaning lady in the restroom while you are using it
     Taxi drivers wear suit and ties
     Drive and walk to left like Brits
     You don't hear cars honking in the busy streets
     Many young people appear very style conscious
     People are very orderly, no line cutting or loud talking
     There is no talking on phones in subways
     Very little graffiti anywhere
     Don't see many homeless people
     Bikes are often ridden on the sidewalks so look before you turn
     People act and appear very respectful in public
     Don't see intimate contact between couples in public
     Streets appear to be paved with a material that cuts down tire noise
     Businesses offer very good service with a smile
     Construction site are screened off so people don't see the mess
     Surgical masks are a very common sight
     Use of mobile devices is a common sight everywhere
     Vending machines selling drinks are everywhere throughout the city
     Public trash containers are difficult to find
     No hand towels in restrooms
     Recycling is done everywhere

Again, our smart phones have proved to be invaluable tools in our travels. There are many App's that can perform language translations; either by typing the text, speaking through the microphone, or using the phone camera to read text. They are far from perfect, difficult to use at times, and usually require a data service; but they've come a long ways. Language translators will only get better in the future which will truly open the world for travelers. I can't wait! I've added more pictures to my Picasa Album and will add a few more in the near future. Use the link below.
Link to Photo Album Bikeless in Tokyo


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Herb and Auntie Kay,

Looks like you're having a lot of fun!! I'm loving all of the pictures.



geno said...

Happy to hear you 2 had a great time in Nihon.
Looking forward to seeing your pics and report on Korea.
Continued happy travels,