Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer 2012 Great Parks Tour

Here are my pictures from our Great Parks Loaded Bike Tour during the summer of 2012. It's called the "Great Parks Tour" because our route goes through seven national parks in two countries beginning in Canada and ending in the States. In total, we rode just over 1,600 miles and had more than 70,000 feet of elevation gain. Our lodging consisted of motels, cabins, youth hostels, and camping and our daily average was 41 miles. These photographs were taken with my Canon S100 and represent a pictorial journal of our tour. While on the road, I stopped posting pictures from the camera due to unsafe (virus) public computers. My pictures are divided into two parts: Jasper to Flathead Lake, and Flathead Lake to Jackson Hole. I tried to capture the scenic beauty of our journey on bicycles along with photographs to help show the chronology of the trip. This is my pictorial journal so expect a lot of pictures. Below are six of my favorite pictures from the tour. To see all of the pictures in Picasa, click on the picture grouping below to go to that photo set in Picasa. Bike touring is still a great passion but perhaps with a few more motel stays.

Jasper to Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake to Jackson Hole

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moose on the Loose

While biking through the Grand Teton National Park, part of our summer 2012 loaded bike tour from Jasper, Alberta to Jackson, WY; we were fortunate to spot this moose feeding just off Moose Wilson Road. What a treat!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red Lake Peak Hike

Dick, Geno, Don and I hiked to the top of Red Lake Peak off Highway 88 in the Sierras. We went cross-country to get to the top which added to the difficulty. Otherwise, it was a wonderful day for a hike during the fall with some colors starting to show.