Friday, September 12, 2014

Hiking the Eastern Sierra 2014

In early September, a group of us, 16 in total, did three days of hiking and exploring in the Eastern Sierra staying at the Glacier Lodge located 10 miles west of Big Pine off Highway 395. Our activities, which did not involve bicycles, included a 13 mile hike to glacier lakes, exploring the Alabama Hills at the base of Whitney Portal, hiking to the top of Mount Barcroft at 13,000 feet elevation, and visiting the Schulman Grove for a magical photographic session at sunset. I also added in some motorcycling, a new passion for me, riding to Glacier Lodge from my home by way of Yosemite National Park, a stunning visual route with lots of winding roads. The round trip from home was about 600 miles with approximately 9 hours of ride time each way, rest stops included. What a great way to spend five days. My thanks to Rich for organizing the trip. Click on the link below the pictures to see all the pictures in Picasa.

From Hiking the Eastern Sierra