Friday, October 19, 2012

Exploring Seoul

The timing of our departure for Jeju Island, off the southern shores of South Korea, couldn't be better as Kay has had enough of our small traditional style room at the Bukchon Quest House. Hopefully this means we're back into some western conveniences such as tables and chairs. After an initial afternoon getting acquainted with Seoul, our comfort level was back and we explored as much as we could over the next 3 days, visiting the sights and wandering the streets well into the night. Using the subway worked out great after we got use to their conventions for signage which differ from Tokyo. I was actually feeling fairly good about ourselves at getting around our area and seeing Seoul until today. This afternoon, we visited Seoul Tower for an aerial view and saw how big this city truly is. Nothing compares with seeing things with your own eyes! The reality is that we've only seen a small, and I mean very small faction of this city so far. Even if you lived here, you may not see all of Seoul useless you worked at it. I hope you enjoy the Pics. Use the link below to go to all of the pictures in Picasa.
Link to Picasa Photos Waking Up in Seoul

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