Sunday, June 7, 2015

More from Ottawa

The city doesn't have the funk of Montreal, but there are plenty of shops, eateries, bars, coffee houses, bakeries, activities, etc. throughout the city core.

Chinatown, with its ornate gateway arch, is more a conglomerate of all Asian ethnicities in one area.

Shaw Conference Center

The National Gallery of Canada

Prime Minister's Office

Kay and I rented a tandem for some Saturday riding to get a different perspective on the city. Bicycling is a major part of the city, but different from Montreal in that much of the bike paths are along the waterways, three rivers and a canal, so they are well used recreationally by visitors and weekenders rather than just commuting from the surrounding suburbs. Cycling along the waterways takes riders pass woodlands, lakes, small waterfalls, greenways and parks, it's very scenic, very green and very active with cyclist, runners, walkers, skaters, and so on during the weekend. I now think Ottawa would rank highly as a great place to raise a family.

Around the city at sunset

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