Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Adieu Montreal

Below are various pictures from our week in Montreal which started with warm weather well into the evenings, wearing shorts and short sleeves, and ended with umbrellas, layers of warm clothing and a beanie for my head. Locals tell us the shoulder seasons can be extreme in weather, hot and humid one day and cold and windy the next with little in between. When it's just too cold outside, Montreal has an underground "city", which also links to subway and train stations, similar to other northern cities like Toronto, where one can easily spend the entire day exploring shops and eateries below the city core. Like any big city, Montreal has its share homeless and panhandlers. I was surprised to learn there are homeless on the streets year round, even during winter; however, shelters are available during the worst conditions. The big bike scene as a means for getting about the city was also a surprise. A long time resident said winter conditions are milder than past decades with less lingering snow, so winter riding is a fact which was confirmed by a local bike shop. By the way, we did rent a tandem during our last day, but the city riding was not that enjoyable, understandably since the city's bike infrastructure was developed for commuting in traffic, rather than recreation. In conclusion, I loved hanging and experiencing Montreal, as I did Quebec City, but there are countless other places to visit so it's unlikely I'll venture this way again. Adieu Montreal!

Old Montreal

Off Rue Saint Lawrence street.

In Chinatown

Notre Dame Basilica

These swings on the city streets were a temporary exhibit.

Best way to get around locally is by bike

Streets at night

From the top of Mount Royal

City view from Mount Royal

Bike commuting is a major activity

The Montreal Commuters

It's a small world! Look who we found on the streets of Montreal, Keith and Shirley from home.

Montreal Botanical Garden

Montreal Botanical Garden

Live from the Montreal Insectarium

Olympic Tower from 1976, now an Olympic Training Center.

Riding to the Biosphere on our rented tandem.

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