Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sydney by Day

Sydney is a great metropolitan city, the largest in Australia, with active harbors, lively urban scenes, beaches, the arts, food galore, music, and you name it. Although I did see cyclists riding the streets, it is not a bike friendly city like Melbourne. We arrived on a Friday and stayed through the weekend which included the annual "Mardi Gra" Parade with countless thousands of people, mostly the young, roaming the streets late into night.

Harbor view from the south shore.

Sydney Harbor features a cruise ship

Sydney Harbor Street Markets

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Harbor view

Downtown shopping

Hyde Park with St. Mary's Cathedral in the background

There's a wedding in St. Mary's Cathedral

In Hyde Park

There's shopping and more shopping in Sydney. Below are two highlight features of Queen Victoria Building

Cycling the northside, Milsons Point. Sydney is not known for its great cycling.

Above are harbor views from Milsons Point

The Sydney Opera House

Unfortunately, the main concert hall was closed due to rehearsals.

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