Sunday, March 6, 2016


It was a quick stay in Christchurch, a one nighter, where the devastation from the 2011 earthquake is still evident, along with the massive rebuilding effort which is expected to take 15 years. Rising out of the rubbles, Christchurch will be better than ever with some much needed improvements. For a small city, art is alive and can be found everywhere. It was sad however, to see so much destruction and damage to its timeless historic buildings (and the loss lives). After a quick tour of the city, we spend an evening with a local host family. Our host family of five, with three young girls, was great fun and the home cooked meal was wonderful. Ever hear of a ginger pear tart; yum!

Memorial Chairs for the 185 people killed in the earthquake.

A new cathedral with a structure made from heavy cardboard tubes.

The structural columns are heavy cardboard tubes.

The debate regarding the damage historic cathedral continues.

The Canterbury Museum grounds is a botanical garden

Below, destruction and reconstruction can be seen throughout the city core.

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