Sunday, March 13, 2016


Flying from the South Island to Rotorua on the North Island along the Southern Alps. Two pictures from our turbo propeller airplane.

New Zealand's volcanic origins was clearly visible during our visit of the Whakarewarewa Maori village.

A guided tour of the living Maori village.

Dinner is ready by the time they get home for the day

Bathing pools; way too hot for me

Around the village

Carving illustrates the standard greeting of the Maori people

Looks like Yellowstone

Visiting a Kiwi park where are they trying to save the Kiwi bird. Eggs are removed from the wild, away from predators, and hatched in the safety of the sanctuary. When the chicks have grown in size enough to protect themselves, they are returned. Note the size of the egg.

Lake Rotorua near our hotel smells of sulphur

Dinner with the Maori

The greeting: are you a friend or foe

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