Friday, August 16, 2013

Making Regensburg

For the last several days, we have been riding on a lot of hard packed, and sometimes loose, gravel bike paths. I will have to say that the bike paths beyond France have not been up to the French standards we've become accustomed to. The gravel paths generate a lot of dust and dirt, and covers our bikes and panniers with it. That being said the highlights for today, as pictured below, were the church in Weltenburg and our short ferry ride from Weltenburg to Kelheim along the gorge in the Danube River. Besides picturesque cities and villages, we also rode under blue skies for a second day. Nighttime and morning temperatures have been cooler make it feel more like fall. We are camping in Regensburg and will take another rest day tomorrow. Adrian and I tried to get a room near the downtown centre, but most hotels were full or too expensive since it's Friday.

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