Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Last Night in France

We are in Mullhouse, one of the larger cities we've visited and it's our final night in France. Also, today is the start of our fourth week of touring. From here we enter Switzerland for less than a day and finish the trip in Germany. Our destination is Passau, Germany on the border to Austria. I started the trip without any concept of what touring in France would be like, but now I have lived it and enjoyed every mile of it. The Eurovelo 6 route through the Loire Valley and Burgundy region is popular with cyclist of all types and a wonderful way to see and explore France. Though far from mountainous, it is a rolling terrain whenever we leave the canals. The river views have been stunning, the village charming, and the cities exciting. Everything was new to me and I loved it all; the riding, scenery, people and food. The people are friendly and patient with cyclist, and the canal bike paths and roadways have been extraordinarily clean. Below are a few pictures from Mullhouse.

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sacramennah said...

Nice, Herb! I've been following with interest, taking notes for next year. Travel safe - see you before too long.

~ Peter S.