Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spenceville Wildlife Area

One needs not to always travel afar to find small wonders for they may be within our own backyards if we look. This week, we did a short easy hike of about 5 miles to Fairy Falls along open roads and trails over rolling terrain within the Spenceville Wildlife Area. As described on their website, the Spenceville Wildlife Area, which varies from 200' to 1200' elevation, is comprised of 11,942 acres of blue oak and gray pine woodland characteristic of the Sierra Foothills. This wildlife area, which is bordered on the west by Beale Air Force Base and by privately owned ranches on the north, south, and east, contains numerous ponds, creeks, trails and riparian zones as well as an abundance of wildlife. The steepest parts of the hike was the terrain immediately around the falls should you want a more intimate view of the water. I’ve lived in the Sacramento all my life and this is my first trip to Fairy Falls. It’s well worth your time. The dam and overflow at the Camp Far West Reservoir is also worth a stop when the water is high. Click on the link below to view all the pictures in PICASA.
From Spenceville Wildlife Area

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brthomas said...

Nice photos! Spenceville Wildlife Area is much greener in Feb than in Dec when I hiked the Fairy Falls Trail.