Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Madonna Inn is definitely a unique theme hotel and spa, and just gaudy enough to be fun. Located within walking distance of eclectic downtown SLO, I could imagine this being that “special place” where couples might return numerous times. Once there, there’s little reason to venture afar until check out. At the Inn, you’ll find gift shops, two great restaurants, a well known bakery, a colorful lounge and dance floor, a large jacuzzi, a fabulous designer swimming pool, work out equipment, spa treatments and outstanding service. In addition to all this, the decor of each room is colorfully done, outrageous at times and unique. Returning guest could experience a different room on each occasion for years; it’s part of the fun. The brightly colored decor extends through out the establishment with amble use of hot pink and lustrous reds. If this doesn’t stir the passion within, nothing will! Kay and I missed their Christmas decorations which we were told included 30 trees, but their Valentine’s Day decorations were over-the-top. Guess we’ll be back. My pictures do not show nearly enough, so check the Web. Click on the link below to view all the pictures in PICASA.
From Madonna Inn

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