Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good News

Cautiously speaking, it looks like good news for the family. Although Kay's mother is still under hospice care, it's more about rehabilitation as she has made remarkable progress from a week ago. Perhaps being home is the difference maker. Amazingly, she has been up out of bed sitting and taking some steps, initially with assistance but more independently with each passing day. Once she decided to give life another chance, her progress has been phenomenal despite her rod repaired femur. She still has a weak heart and may not achieve the same independence she had before, but for now, things are looking better and we'll see what her new normal might be. Below is a photo of mother and daughter from a few years back. Matters of health, whether they involve family, friends, or someone you read about, remind me to enjoy life to the fullest and not sweat the little things.

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