Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bike Tour to Kings Canyon

In light of unforeseen circumstances with Kay's mother, I decide at the minute, not to participate in the 10-day loaded bike tour from home to Kings Canyon National Park, but I am happy to cheer the gang onward on this spring adventure. Yesterday, out of town friends converge at our homes, Geno's and mine, so they could begin the tour from Sacramento today. Saxon's wife, Wendy, who is interested in exploring the idea of catering bike tours as a business adventure, will be catering the 14 cyclist as they ride south along the lower foothills between the central valley and Highway 49 camping at Lake Pardee, Turlock Lake, Lake McClure, Hensley Lake, Millerton Lake, Pine Flat Lake and finally, Kings Canyon NP. The day they ride to Kings Canyon will be the hardest with 7,000 to 8,000 feet of elevation gain. It will be a day of anticipation with mixed feelings for the gang as they ride south. I think it's good to have such a challenging day during a trip and I have no doubt of their success. This picture shows part of the gang in front of Geno's home, the rest, five I believe, will join them on the road out of town. Click on the picture below to see the photo set maintained in Picasa. If I get pictures from the gang while they're on the road, I will add those to this set.

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