Sunday, April 10, 2011

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It must have been a subconscious desire, my coveting a new carbon bike. As of late, I had been encouraging Geno to purchase one of these new high-tech carbon bikes with statements like; “Life is short”, “You deserve it”, “You’ll climb even better”, “You can afford it”, etc. while denying any personal interest. But, unbeknown to me or at least I’ll not admit it, deep inside I wanted and envisioned a new carbon bike in my future. So when the time finally came to start window shopping for carbon bikes, I didn’t hesitate for one moment to tag along. After all, I was just going to help Geno make the right choice. Yeah, that’s what I told myself. I’m sure my eyes were as big and wide opened as Geno’s and Mike’s when we finally walked into Davis Wheelworks which is known for their great selection of high-end carbon road bikes with names likes Felt, Pinarello, Scott, Cannondale, Look, Kestrel, Ridley, Seven, Colnago, etc. It is the dream shop for cyclist with numerous colorful, curvaceous and lustrously finished road bikes nicely displayed throughout the floor space. Image a car enthusiast walking into a showroom filled with Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, Jaguar’s, and Mercedes to name just a few. Fortunately and thanks to recent glowing reviews of the Cervelo bikes, we had a starting point in mind. We wanted to talk Cervelo and Tim at the shop did not disappoint nor did he dispute the reviews; they were “great bikes” where all others are “good”. And so our road toward the Cervelo’s began. To conclude and in the interest of brevity, after more research and reading as well as one awesome test ride in region of Cantelow Road, I offer the picture below of three new happy owners of Cervelo Bikes. For the complete story of our inaugural ride, go to Geno's blog by clicking on the image below.

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