Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oregon Trip 2009

Whenever I travel to Oregon, thoughts of living there often comes to mind. This time was no exception. In the places we visited, Eugene, Hood River, Bend, and Pendleton, there are many appealing qualities that make the areas attractive to me. Several of these cities I describe as "little big cities". In other words, they offer much that is available in major metropolitan areas but without the real big city crowds and traffic. Venture several miles out of town and you can find open spaces with mountains, valleys, rivers, trails, and quiet roads. For the outdoors person, this is a great situation. There you can get a mosaic of city scenes and your open spaces without driving too far. From our place in Bend, it was 5 miles to downtown, Bend and 14 miles to Mt Bachelor with numerous trail heads along the way. Ride your bike several miles south of Hood River and you can find quiet roads where only a handful of car will pass you. Such is the Oregon we encountered in the places we visited. Perhaps that is the reason we've traveled to Oregon more than a dozen times over the years. From the rugged coast to the snow capped mountains and beyond, Oregon offers beauty and the space to roam. Use the link below to see all the pictures.
Link to Photo Album: Oregon Trip 2009

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