Monday, August 4, 2008

On the Eastern Side

My words could never adequately describe the beauty of the mountain ranges from our camp next to the Owens River within the Long Valley Caldera off Hwy 395. This high desert landscape sitting within an ancient caldera is surrounded by rugged mountains with heights to 14,000 feet. In an area devoid of trees, it didn’t take long to be captivated by the unobstructed beauty of the surrounding views. Like the hypnotic sounds of a melodic song, I was mesmerized by the tonal harmony of the nearby mountains. From a bluish hue to a golden glow from an ever changing light, the mountains loomed and radiated casting its spell over those who gazed.

For 6 days, I joined Geno and friends camping along the Owens River just north of Crowley Lake. There we were surrounded by the Sierra Nevada, White, and Benton Mountain Ranges. We biked and hiked around the region by day and spent our nights under the light of the stars. Use the link below to see some pictures.
Link to Photo Album: Eastern Sierra 2008
See all my pictures from our activities at "".

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