Friday, January 2, 2015

From Los Cabos

For Kay's birthday, the big six O, we decided to go south to Cabo San Luis located on the southern tip of Baja California near the confluence of the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. This is our first trip to 'Cabo' staying at the all inclusive Rui Palace Resort, which meant all of our meals and drinks were part of the package. Other than short trips into town by foot and local bus, and a whale watching tour; we simply relaxed in the lavish surroundings and king size pools. The over the top buffet meals were a sight to behold and enjoy along with their specialty restaurants for a more refined dining experience. The food presentation always looked celebrative and wonderful, but each meal had their hits and misses. Overall, we were very satisfied with our stay in spite of the cooler than normal temperatures, but then I could be home where it's below 30 degrees at night. Unfortunately, Cabo San Luis had been hit by a hurricane in September, so not all the resorts have reopened and the damage can still be seen around the area and in town. Below are a few pictures.
Use this link to see all the pictures: From Los Cabos

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