Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Spring Trip Revisited

During Spring 2013, we flew to Chicago, staying 8 nights in a high-rise apartment on the 28th floor within the "Loop", followed by a second flight to Buffalo, NY and an airport shuttle to Niagara Falls, Ontario where we spent two nights. Niagara Falls wasn't part of our original plans, but I could not imagine visiting Toronto without also seeing the falls. Although it was my second trip to the falls in 3 years, its stunning power and natural beauty was a must see for Kay. From there, we rented a vehicle and drove by the scenic route, to Toronto where we had rented a 17th floor apartment for 8 nights on north end of the financial district. What I remember most is Chicago's towering city centre of majestic high-rise buildings and the friendlier than expected people while Toronto stood out with its multi-ethnic culture and vibrant street life. Both active walk able cities have a lot to offer aesthetically and are worth a visit. My original postings were done using my phone camera, these are the pictures for my Canon S100. Below are some favorites from each place. Click on the link at the bottom of the picture to see all the pictures in PICASA.


From Chicago 2013 Revisited

Niagara Falls
From Niagara Falls


From Toronto 2013

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