Monday, April 16, 2012

Lake Solano Park

Geno, Peter, Saxon and I head over to Lake Solano Park for an overnighter with our loaded bikes as part of a trial run for Saxon's wife, Wendy, who will be catering 15 cyclist on a 10-day loaded bike tour from Sacramento to Kings Canyon National Park in May. Wendy wanted to get a feel for her new outdoor cooking appliances and a sense of the routine and needs of loaded cyclist during a multi-day tour. It was a great start with us being the recipients of a tasty outdoor dinner and breakfast during our camp out. What a treat! Thanks Wendy, I'm looking forward to our spring tour. Click on the picture below to go to my photos on Picasa. Once there, start a slideshow or view manually.

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brthomas said...

You got some excellent photos of the peacocks at Lake Solano! I got some good photos of the peacocks while hiking around at Lake Solano, but I didn't see any of the big tail feather displays that you observed.