Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Travels in Italy

Kay and I finally travel to Italy, a country we've wanted to visit for many years. We had one week each in Venice and Florence followed by two weeks in Rome. The amount of time allotted for each city was much more than the average visitor, but it gave us the time to proceed at a more relaxed and sustainable pace over the four weeks. We flew into Venice, trained to Florence and Rome, and flew home from Rome. It's a popular route and perfect for our first trip to Italy. Each of these cities exude its own unique character. Venice is romantic and mysterious with its maze of canals, narrow streets and alleys; Florence is charming and enchanting with a big city feel and the distinction of once being the Capitol of Italy; and Rome is exciting, bustling and timeless; but all were historic. To live in these cities is to live within your history. Historic buildings and sights can be found at every turn dating back hundreds to thousands of years, and older if you're willing to dig. For our culinary taste, Venice had the best pastas and cannoli, Florence had the best gelato, and Rome had the best pizza and tiramisu. Kay still talks about her lamb shank dinner in Rome. This trip was everything we had hoped it to be and more leaving us with many fond memories. For a pictorial of our travels, please go to our pictures on Picasa. The pictures are grouped by city. Click on the picture below to go to each photo set in Picasa. Once there, start a slideshow or view manually. I welcome any comments.




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