Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mt. Shasta Zodiac 2011

In June, I joined the Sacramento Wheelmen on their second annual Mt. Shasta Zodiac for 5 days of pristine riding out of Mt. Shasta City in northern California. "Zodiac" is the name given for multi-day rides away from home. Much thanks goes to Dale and company for organizing this ride. For the riders, the rugged terrain and low population density of northern California meant cycling mostly on quiet rural roads within sight of the ever majestic Mount Shasta looming high above its surroundings at 14,162 feet elevation. Over the 5 days, I rode about 211 miles climbing a total of 14,730 feet and explored an awesome new region by bike. Definitely worth the trip north. It was a climber's paradise and the riding couldn't get much better than what we experienced. I skipped some of the climbs, otherwise I'm sure the 5-day total would have exceeded 20,000 feet. For a short slideshow, click on the image below. Also, check out Geno's blog
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