Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bye Bye San Diego

Much to our chagrin, our time in San Diego has come to end and we’re off to spend several day in Anza Borrego before traveling homeward, rain or shine. This year proved much warmer and sunnier than last which makes departing more difficult, especially when news from home tells of cold and foggy conditions. Our condo in San Diego was outstanding; spacious, modern, and overlooked the beach. Our senses became accustomed to the harmonious sound of breaking waves lapping the sinuous shoreline of Pacific Ocean. In hind sight, two weeks was not nearly enough time. Perhaps next winter, we’ll stay for a month. San Diego is definitely at the top of our list as a great winter retreat. The region has much to offer; a diverse culture through its people and a multitude of outdoor activities due to its location. Unlike the Los Angeles area, traveling east from the coast of San Diego, the region becomes hilly and mountainous immediately. Bye bye San Diego, see you next year! Click on the link below to view all my pictures in PICASA.
From Bye Bye San Diego

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