Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hawaii On My Mind

It's been more two weeks since returning from Oahu and a winter chill is beginning to settle upon Northern California. We had spent two weeks on the Pacific Island with no particular agenda other than to relax and enjoy the scene. Our place was a 10th floor condo above the noisy streets of Waikiki near the busy shops and restaurants a quarter mile from the beach. Our motto while there was to simply act as if we lived there. Some highpoints from our trip include the completion 4 books between us, exploring Oahu with my Bike Friday, strolling the streets of Waikiki on warm evenings (especially on Halloween Night), and of course sampling the great local foods. Speaking of food, in my opinion, the best Ramen in Waikiki can be found at the Tenkaippin at 617 Kapahulu Avenue.

Now, Halloween Night on the streets of Waikiki was a surprise to Kay and I. We had no idea that locals and visitors alike took to the streets in costumes, from the elaborate to the minimal. Don't forget this is the tropics where little clothing is needed. From end to end on the sidewalks of Kalakaua Avenue was an endless parade of costumes and sightseers. People with the most elaborate costumes often attracted a crowd and were trailed by the flash of cameras. And I didn't have my camera! Shoulder to shoulder with the throngs, we spent the evening strolling the sidewalks enjoying the costumes, street performers, and its festive atmosphere.

Click on the picture to view a slideshow from our trip. When you are done or just wish to quit, click the "X" on the upper right corner of your window.

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