Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Communication From Japan

Note from Kay........

I received a call from Herb at 11:30pm last night(3:15 pm 9/10, Japan time). The guys all arrived safely and found their way to the youth hostel last week. According to Herb, there is a language issue, and thank goodness they have Jay and Andrew with them. This past Saturday they ferried to the northern island to start their journey. They were in Naka-Furano which is in the countryside of Hokkaido, when he called. They are all having a wonderful time, the weather has been good to them and they have been enjoying the bathhouses, noodles dishes and bento boxes.

Unfortunately they have not been successful finding internet service in the areas that they have been riding. So updates to this blog will not be made too often. But do check back periodically for updates on their trip.

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dAwN said...

thanks kay for updating the blog...i was curious to see if they all arrived safely...thanks..